The 8 “Secret IN-gredients” of Weight Loss

We highly value the science based strategies unique to the Activate Metabolics Weight Loss program used in our clinic. They are well proven having helped thousands of people succeed in their weight loss journey. Yet, what some people have a hard time grasping is that the systems and strategies ALONE are not the complete “recipe”.

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The Real Skinny on “Diet Drinks” & Artificial Sweeteners

For years we have been marketed to by several food and beverage companies that no calorie and low calorie foods lead to weight loss. If you have tried this method, and still struggle to lose weight and get healthy, then today’s topic might be part of your solution!

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This Year Think Cause & Effect

We often associate the month of February with hearts because of Valentine’s Day. However, there’s another reason we should think about hearts in February. Since 1963, February has been recognized as “American Heart Month” and is intended advocate cardiovascular health and raise awareness about heart disease.

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Know Your Numbers

… In This Case, Your (FAT) Numbers?

We often hear the phrase “Know your numbers” as it relates to various aspects of our health. Typically, that phrase is related to knowing things like your cholesterol number or your blood pressure.

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New Year. New You. Still Possible!

Don’t Start “Ditching”!

Wow! How fast do these first few weeks of January seem to fly by? We are just a few weeks past the New Year’s Eve Ball dropping, but for many, those New Year intentions or (“resolutions") have sputtered.

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