A (very) Common “Side Effect” of Weight Loss.

It’s interesting to get the good, honest feedback from our successful weight loss clients. There seems to be this ASSUMPTION that people only want to lose weight to “look better”. Of course, that is a strong driving force for lots of folks. And, yeah, some others are motivated to take weight off because of a serious diagnosis like Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. (or the threat of getting such a diagnosis).

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Hey America! We Are Ranked #1 In…

There is NO doubt: America is THE best country to live in! We feel strongly about that! We are blessed to live in a country with so much opportunity and such freedom. Make NO mistake about that. We all know that we rank #1 in the world in many, many categories. Most of those are good things … totally worth bragging about. But, as you might expect not all #1 rankings are brag-worthy.

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Government Efforts … and Chubby Children

What kind of LEGACY are we leaving our children health-wise?
And how has 15 years of GOVERNMENT focused efforts impacted obesity rates?

It is very obvious that people are awakened and motivated to make lifestyle changes in many different ways. Some like to see proof in before/after pictures. Others want to learn the science. Some folks get stirred into action after getting a concerning diagnosis by their doctor. Then there are those who pay attention to statistics and trends. Numbers grab their attention. That is what we are sharing in this piece.

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E + R = O

Today we have a very simple, straight forward message for those of you who may be waffling and wondering if the journey of weight loss (and healthy weight management) is worth all the effort. The answer is very simple … YES!

In Jack Canfield’s wonderful book The Success Principles he introduces the formula in the image above: E + R = O. So, what does that mean?

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What kind of “DIET” is this one?

Be sure to know The Lifetime Metabolic Program (LMP) for weight loss and healthy weight management is NOT a “DIET”… at least not in the way today’s culture typically uses that term. We know “diets” don’t typically work. LMP is different and more than just a fad diet. It’s NOT a quick fix!

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