My Doctor Told Me to Lose Weight!

…But didn’t tell me HOW or give me a PLAN!

As we meet and consult with people about our clinical weight loss program, we routinely hear them say exactly what that headline says. “My doctor told me I needed to lose some weight”. Ever heard that yourself from one of your healthcare providers?

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Chance … Or Change?

We teach, talk and write a lot about the necessity of our clients (or anybody for that matter) to lock into their “WHY” when they begin their weight loss journey. Why does it REALLY matter? Why should they pursue a focused lifestyle change? Why is it important? How will their life be different … or better?

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The Magic of Micro-Goals

in Your Weight Loss Journey

We are BIG fans of BIG weight loss goals. Be sure to understand, though, that our definition of “big” is not necessarily some number value. It doesn’t matter whether your big goal is 15 pounds … or more like 50, 100 or even 200 pounds. If it is a big goal to you and is important to you, then it is important to us!

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“Know Your (FAT) Numbers”!

We often hear the phrase “Know your numbers” as it relates to our health. Typically, that phrase is related to knowing things like your cholesterol number or your blood pressure. Those are certainly good to know. However, there are other key measures many people should also be more finely tuned in to. Specifically, as we address in this blog, we’re talking about measures associated with people who struggle with their weight. You need to know your “Fat” Numbers!

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14 REAL & Relevant Reasons

YOU May Be Sparked Into Action.

Warning: This may be a little uncomfortable for some to read because the points may feel a bit (correction) very personal. They may really strike home. We apologize in advance … sort of … Okay, not really.

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