A Good Time to Make Time.

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The late Steven Covey was an author and speaker who wrote the very popular book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Among the many excellent principles Covey taught were several about the use and control of our TIME. One of his quotes we often reference is this one:

"Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent, and not enough time on what is important."

Do you ever feel that way? The unfortunate truth of this statement may apply to our personal lives in a variety of ways. Maybe it’s not making time to focus on a passion of ours. Maybe it’s true when it- comes down to not spending time with those who mean the most to us. Or, as we see in our line of work, it’s true of people getting caught up with the craziness of life and not really carving out time to take care of “Number 1” (themselves)!

It seems easy to get pre-occupied with tasks and “to-do’s” that seem “urgent”. Think about it. Maybe it’s dealing with work, home chores, running kids, endless errands, trying to get bills paid, etc. etc. etc. The list of “urgent” and stressing things goes on and on.

This is a common American scenario. So, in this brief blog, we simply want to encourage you to pause and consider investing some TIME on something that IS important … pursuing a solution for a condition that challenges people’s mental and physical wellness, creates dozens of comorbidities and exists in epidemic proportions. Of course, we are referring to America’s overweight and obesity situation.

The bottom line is this: many people get completely bogged down and dare we say “distracted” with the daily grind of things that seem “urgent” … and take their eye off something that is really important – their health and well-being. This is exactly how many Americans end up with a creeping weight challenge. They drop a little fitness here. Eat on the run there. Gain a little weight. All of the sudden some years have passed with this pattern. And, well, the rest is history.

When we survey healthcare providers, it is routinely evident that they all know more attention (and TIME) needs to be given to their patients who desire to lose some weight – or especially those battling serious weight control issues. But guess what the #1 REASON for it not getting done is. You guessed it: “They do not have TIME!”

News Flash: WE *MAKE* TIME in our clinic!

Our focus here is wellness … helping people pursue their optimal level of health – and their ideal way of living. No doubt, in some cases, that means we need to assist them with weight loss using our science-based clinical weight loss program.

Let’s also touch on *TIMING*.

There is no doubt that “Back to School” is a time associated with people trying to get back into healthy patterns. And, for many, a re-focus on themselves. They have run crazy during the summer months – vacations, sports, camping, spent time with their kids … you name it!

Now, the kids are off to school … and many parents feel it’s time to focus on themselves!

If you plan that, check out our breakthrough weight loss program.

  • Doctor Over-sight with close accountability and coaching.
  • DNA Testing – to establish an individual plan best for YOU.
  • No Shots. No Shakes. No Drugs. No Boxed Food. NO Exercise Required.
  • No Gimmicks ... No More YO-YO dieting ... A Focused Lifestyle Change!
  • Most clients lose 20+ pounds in the 1st 40 days! Some more. Some less. Individual cases and results vary therefore there is no guarantee of your results. The average is 22.4 lbs.
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It’s a Good Time to Make Time.
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