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One last Intro piece!

An important underlying WORD in the Weight Loss War! The blog before last we hit on what we called the “WHY” of weight loss. The piece was entitled “What Weight Loss is REALLY About!”

In that brief writing, we shared stats and measures that really opened some eyes up regarding diseases, conditions and causes of death related to weight issues. There were reality checks shared right from very reputable sources. And yet, despite SCIENCE POINTING THOSE THINGS OUT … the trends continue to go the wrong way. Here is a couple other such numbers …

72 % of adults (3 of 4) are now overweight

AND the epidemic is starting VERY young,

40% of kids in America are overweight.

Acceptance of our bodies is ONE thing. We always state bluntly that what we do is NOT about beauty, vanity or trying to keep up with the materialistic and image driven society we live in. At the same time, we have GOT to be honest with ourselves as a country and a culture! The trend of continuing to lessen the quality of our lives and reduce the # of years must be changed.

Maybe you are like so many other people out there … confused, overwhelmed and downright frustrated when it comes to conquering the fat loss feud. The struggle IS real. For most, it’s not a matter of wanting or knowing you need to lose weight. The vast majority have surely heard the stats over and over referenced in the last blog and above. So, they probably do actually understand the WHY.

Here’s the truth: It really is about the HOW.

We are going to use a word here. And, because it’s often misunderstood and taken incorrectly, we’re going to first share the definition before using it.

There is a word that in its truest sense means this:

  • A lack of knowledge, understanding or education.
  • Synonyms for this word are: incomprehension of, unawareness of, unconsciousness of, unfamiliarity with, inexperience with, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about

That’s taken right from the dictionary! Be sure to know: We are NOT referencing the word “stupid” or “dumb”. That’s a whole different thing. Do you know what word is that we are referring to?

The word defined above is “Ignorance”. Again, that’s a word that is often a little offensive. But it really shouldn’t be. Especially not as we are using it here. It is our belief that the staggering statistics we have shared about Americans being overweight and obese is truly due to ignorance about the matter. NOT ignorant about the fact that you may be overweight or obese … but ignorant as to WHY and HOW you may change that situation for yourself or your family.

Notice the words underlined in the statements below (and which were in the dictionary definition):

  • People really are unaware; they simply don’t know… they have no idea of the REAL “how to’s” of weight loss.
  • They are inexperienced with successful strategies – despite having tried many things usually.
  • And they simply lack information.

This little quote is kind of fitting for this conversation ….

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to weight loss. Ignorance on this topic creates stress. Ignorance creates frustration. And as we pointed out I the blog before last, ignorance can even cause death.

In order to solve the “Health Care Crisis” for our country … and in order to simplify Fat Loss for YOU as an individual … we have to move to a different level of understanding and awareness.

Americans are in desperate need of a real, long-term weight loss solution based upon science that empowers them to TAKE BACK CONTROL of their weight and their health…once and for all.

So, although it probably seems like we are teasing you as a reader at this point (after these last two blogs were injected) this will be the final piece of introduction before we get started with the “7 Science Based Secrets” to help you start that process.

Stay tuned next week!
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